CatWorks Virtual Dissection

CatWorks, designed for more advanced students, CatWorks offers the user an opportunity to perform exciting, highly accurate, electronic dissections of the common house cat. Through the of special cursors and buttons, user is actually able to "dissect" nearly all areas of the cat's anatomy. QuickTime movies showing selected portions of actual dissections along with voice descriptions of the procedures being performed. 


The Dissection Area provides all the tools and instructions for you to successfully complete the Cat dissection in an interactive and visually realistic manner.


Video Examples are just a click away. These video tutorials are simply unmatched in their value as tutorial aids.


The Glossary displays a comprehensive list of terms and definitions. Correct audio pronunciations are one of many features of CatWorks. The CatWorks CD-ROM features:


Ships on CD-ROM to use with internal drive or install on free Virtual Disk (no CD or DVD drive required)

Compatible with Window NT, XP, 7 and 8

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CatWorks Virtual Dissection

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