DissectionWorks Earthworm

DissectionWorks Earthworm

Developed by teachers for teachers, these programs combine the detailed study of dissection with computer technology to bring you an effective means of sharing the intricacies of anatomy. Available in five commonly studied animals (Frog, Fetal Pig, Earthworm, Crayfish, and Perch), each program contains detailed schematics of the major body systems, information on organ function and structure, and review questions. DissectionWorks is accurate enough to replace wet dissections or can be used in pre- and post lab activities.

In order to fit your curriculum and budget needs, we have assembled several package options for the Technological Dissections:

  • Individual titles designed for single student use
  • Lab packs of 10 copies of one title
  • Volume Purchase Programs and Grants Available
  • DissectionWorks Deluxe CD-ROM includes all five animals on one CD-ROM
  • Digital video and audio segments

Ships on CD-ROM to use with internal drive or install on free Virtual Disk (no CD or DVD drive required)

Compatible with Window NT, XP, 7 and 8

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DissectionWorks Earthworm

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